Counterfog: an innovative technology for fast decontamination

Winner of the 2022 Security Innovation Award

Counterfog® is a unique technology, developed in the FP7 EU Research and Development program (nº 312804), for fast disinfection of bioaerosols and decontamination of chemical, biological and radiological agents, smoke, and dust.

The unique Counterfog® technology, endorsed by the universities of Alcalá and Strathclyde and tested by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), provides a powerful fog cone made of submicrometric droplets. Due to the nano-size and the penetrating ability of the cone, it fastly removes pollutants from air and surfaces.

Counterfog® has a range of portable devices for all types of applications: home, shops, offices, industry, etc. As well as large-scale decontamination systems and aerosol capture barriers.

Counterfog applications


Counterfog® quickly eliminates any pathogenic microorganisms from air and surfaces, including respiratory viruses as coronavirus


Counterfog® is highly effective in removing suspended particles in dust-laden work environments…

Toxic clouds


Counterfog® technology collapses toxic clouds in chemical plant, fires, nuclear power plants…

Smoke control


Counterfog® technology can be used safely to effectively remove and control smoke in fires, forests, factories, shopping malls, apartment buildings…

Counterfog products


Counterfog portable devices for fast disinfection and decontamination in domestic, small retail and industrial sectors.  Portable, light, manageable, comfortable and easy to use.


Counterfog large-scale systems can collapse toxic clouds, smoke, dust, aerosols (including microrganisms), vapours or gases preventing its spreading.

Counterfog disinfection barriers


Counterfog aerosol-capture barriers can be installed indoors or outdoors to remove dust, smoke or to disinfect biological aerosols preventing them to enter a protected zone.  

Using Counterfog 

Counterfog: definitive disinfection system

Innovative unique technology

Counterfog® is an innovative unique technology developed in the FP7 EU Research and Development program for fast decontamination using microphysical dynamics to generate a huge  amount of submicron drops of water capable of hitting harmful air-borne particles -including ultrafine particles smaller than a micron- , enveloping them, and precipitating them onto the ground preventing breathing.  It is a universal tool to decontaminate air and surfaces.

Trustworthy: FP7 EU guarantee

Counterfog® disinfection and decontamination system technology was created under contract number 312804 of the 7th Research & Development Program of the EU Commission (FP7). It was created and tested by a team of scientists from 10 European research institutions and universities including, among others, Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), Strathclyde University (UK), the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and CIEMAT (Spain). Other tests have been performed by the prestigious Centre of Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa of CSIC.

Fast & highly effective

It achieves really fast & massive decontamination. For instance, 99.99% effectiveness was demonstrated against Bacillae aerosols in just 1 minute of Counterfog® application. Log7-8 decontamination levels are reached on large scale within a few minutes. This technology has demonstrated its effectiveness against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear toxic agents.

Both from air and surfaces

The unique dynamics generated by Counterfog® nozzles draws and aggregates particulate matter and aerosols, preventing resuspension and cleaning the air. The thin film of liquid applied on surfaces ensures decontamination with a minimal impact. Counterfog® is the only technology able to remove air-borne viruses and other ultrafine particles.

Size does matter

Counterfog® launches a dynamic fog cone made up of millions of submicron droplets (the size of viruses, bacteria, spores…). These extremely small droplets, when projected into the air, trap airborne matter (dust, aerosols, etc.). Other technologies are not effective because they use much larger droplets, which is why they only manage to displace the air in which these particles float and cannot trap them.

Versatile and easy to use

Counterfog® can be applied on a large scale to protect urban zones, sensitive and critical infrastructures. Unlike other disinfection technologies, it  does not damage electronic equipment or goods in any industry or trade, since it only uses liquid in minimal quantities. It takes only a few minutes to disinfect large areas and can be applied by untrained personnel.

Some of our customers 

Spanish National Police

Large-scale Covid disinfection

Spanish Army (UME)

Large-scale CBRN decontamination

Counterfog disinfection barriers

IFEMA Madrid

Covid disinfection barriers


Covid disinfection portable devices

How to buy 

Counterfog® is exclusively commercialized worldwide by our company established in Spain, US and authorized distributors.

Contact us to know the product that best suits your needs and the nearest authorised distributor.


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