Cinema disinfection with Counterfog

Spanish National Police

National Police of Spain chose Counterfog® technology to disinfect its police stations, cells, offices, patrol cars, and vans, as well as centers for children. Moreover, Counterfog® turned its antiriot truck into a vehicle for massive decontamination of outdoor spaces.

Cinema disinfection with Counterfog

Madrid Emergency Medical Services (SUMMA 112)

SUMMA chose Counterfog® because it allows disinfecting the entire emergency unit mainly on the inside: the specially designed droplets reach the entire cabin. In contrast to previously used disinfection systems based in bleach dilution, Counterfog® doesn’t use corrosive elements that may damage medical-electrical equipment. Therefore Counterfog® system attacks all viruses but it does not damage anything else.

Cinema disinfection with Counterfog

Spanish Army (UME)

The Spanish Military Emergencies Unit (UME) puts Counterfog® to the test in one of the worst possible scenarios: a simulated fire in a chemical plant near a town with thousands of inhabitants.

Within minutes, Counterfog® goes into action and the situation changes completely. The submicron drops produced by this technology adhere to dangerous particles, enveloping and precipitating them to the ground, where can be easily removed.

Cinema disinfection with Counterfog

IFEMA (Madrid)

Being the first Spanish fair and congress operator, with an economic impact on the territory of 4.374 billion euros, IFEMA MADRID trusted on Counterfog® to prevent infections within its fair facilities.

More than 100 m Counterfog® aerosol capture barriers were installed in IFEMA entrances in 2020 to prevent aerosols to penetrate.

Cinema disinfection with Counterfog

Claro Sol (Facility Services for buses company)


“When Covid broke out, we focused on hand contact transmission. But upon discovering that aerosols were a major contamination focus, we found Counterfog®, a more efficient disinfection system“, says Head of Cleaning at Claro Sol.

“In the case of Spanish leader bus company, Esteban Rivas, we use Counterfog® portable decontamination devices SDR-F05A+, easy to transport and handle. Buses are thoroughly disinfected”

Cinema disinfection with Counterfog

Grupo Sherco (services for hotels and restaurants)


Grupo Sherco, the leading Spanish company in the recruitment of cleaning and catering staff for luxury hotels and restaurants, purchased several portable Counterfog pieces of equipment in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic to ensure complete disinfection of its clients’ facilities.

The most prestigious hotels in Madrid, Seville, and Malaga are safer for their clients because Grupo Sherco has incorporated Counterfog technology into its cleaning protocols.

Cinema disinfection with Counterfog

Convento de la Encarnación (Ávila)


Counterfog® technology has also proven its effectiveness in the disinfection of one of Spain’s most famous historical monuments, the Convento de la Encarnación in Ávila, where St. Teresa of Avila received the divine revelation to re-found the Carmelite Order.

Cinema disinfection with Counterfog

Colegio de Nuestra Señora. Valdemoro (Madrid)


Counterfog® is also being used successfully in schools. In this case, the Colegio de Nuestra Señora, a school in Madrid with extensive facilities (it has a capacity for 900 students and its own boarding school) has been disinfecting with our technology since the beginning of the covid pandemic.