Counterfog® disinfection system

Large Scale, effective & fast technology

Counterfog® Disinfection System cleans Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Smoke, and Dust pollution both from air and surfaces.

Counterfog®: definitive disinfection system

Innovative unique technology

Counterfog® is based on an innovative unique technique using microphysical dynamics, generating submicron drops of water capable of hitting harmful particles, enveloping them, and precipitating them to the ground. There they can be isolated and collected with procedures appropriate to their toxicity.

Trustworthy: EU guarantee

Counterfog® disinfection system technology was created under contract number 312804 of the 7th Research & Development Program of the EU Commission (FP7). It was created and tested by a team of scientists from 10 European research institutions and universities including, among others, Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), Strathclyde University (UK), the Czech Academy of Science, the Bulgarian Academy of Science, and CIEMAT (Spain).

Fast & highly effective

It achieves really fast & massive decontamination. For instance, 99.99% effectiveness was demonstrated against Bacillae aerosols in just 1 minute of Counterfog® application. Log7-8 decontamination levels can be reached on large scale within a few minutes. This technology has demonstrated its effectiveness against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear toxic agents.

Both from air and surfaces

The unique dynamics generated by Counterfog® nozzles draws and aggregates particulate matter and aerosols, preventing resuspension and cleaning the air. The thin film of liquid applied on surfaces ensures decontamination with a minimal impact.

Size does matter

Counterfog® launches a dynamic fog cone made up of millions of submicron droplets (the size of viruses, bacteria, spores…). These extremely small droplets, when projected into the air, trap airborne matter (dust, aerosols, etc.). Other technologies are not effective because they use much larger droplets, which is why they only manage to displace the air in which these particles float and cannot trap them.

Versatile and easy to use

Counterfog® can be applied on a large scale to protect urban zones, sensitive and critical infrastructures. Unlike other disinfection technologies, it  does not damage electronic equipment or goods in any industry or trade, since it only uses liquid in minimal quantities. It takes only a few minutes to disinfect large areas and can be applied by untrained personnel.

Counterfog® applications

Counterfog® Products

Counterfog® Large Scale solutions

Decontamination of toxic clouds in  urban zones or industry and sensitive and critical infrastructures is possible with Counterfog® Large Scale solutions.  Smoke, dust, aerosols, vapours or gases can be collapsed preventing its spreading.

Counterfog disinfection barriers

Counterfog® Barriers

Nozzles barriers can be installed indoors or outdoors to remove dust or smoke or to disinfect biological aerosols from the air.  When working with potable water, they prevent volatile bioagents to be drawn in or resuspended by people.

Counterfog®’s ‘all-rounder’  are provided with the most advanced aerosol removal technology.  Manageable, comfortable, easy to use, portable & fast. Available in two powers: 1200 W and 1500 W for domestic and small retail and for heavy duty professional use.

Counterfog decontamination station

Counterfog® Decontamination Station

Biological Safe check-in for freight or vehicles. Ready to use in any circumstances the Counterfog® Decontamination Station is an effective tool for preventing microorganisms to be transported by freight or vehicles entering a facility.

How and where to buy

Counterfog® is based in both Texas, USA, and Spain (EU).

But you can buy our technology from anywhere in the world.

Contact us and we will inform you about the solution or product that best suits your needs.


Public and private entities have so far relied on the innovative Counterfog® technology

Spanish National Police


Covid disinfection

Spanish Army (UME)

Large-scale Counterfog®

CBRN decontamination

Counterfog disinfection barriers

IFEMA Madrid

Counterfog® barriers

Covid disinfection


Portable devices

Covid disinfection

Counterfog's agenda

Counterfog® participates in:

Escuelas Prácticas de Riesgos Tecnológicos y Medioambientales

Organized by the Military Emergency Unit (UME)

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Monday, November 29:

15:30 Media Expo.

Tuesday, November 30:

15:00 Workshop Detection:
Counterfog® universal protection against toxic clouds.

15:00 Decontamination Workshop:
Counterfog® system for large-scale rapid decontamination scale decontamination system

15:45 Practical Decontamination Exercise
Counterfog® System


Media Impact

We arouse the interest of the media. Counterfog® has appeared on TV, magazines, newspapers, and news websites all over Europe.

Madrid Emergency Medical Services use Counterfog® 

Telemadrid, Spain, May 2021

SUMMA, the Public Medical Emergency Services of Madrid (Spain) acquired several portable Counterfog® pieces of equipment to disinfect their ambulances and medical equipment.

In just a few minutes, a medical service operator disinfects ambulances between services with Counterfog® portable technology. 

Counterfog® technology, the protagonist in the Spanish public television network


RTVE, the Spanish national public TV, interviewed José Luis Pérez, CEO of Counterfog®, to learn more about Counterfog technology. See More

Spanish Army puts Counterfog® to the test in a fire in a chemical plant

Antena 3 TV, SPAIN, May 2021

(UME) puts Counterfog® to the test in one of the worst possible scenarios. Learn More

Spanish National Polices trusts Counterfog®

Dream Alcalá, SPAIN, Mar 2020

Spanish National Police trusted in Counterfog® to disinfect both indoors and outdoors.  Learn More

Technical literature

Here you can find all available technical documentation on Counterfog technology.

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