The origin: FP7 Counterfog

Counterfog® is a unique technology, developed in the FP7 EU Research and Development program (nº 312804), for fast disinfection of bioaerosols and decontamination of chemical, biological and radiological agents, smoke, and dust.

Counterfog® was developed by a multidisciplinary team of 10 international institutions -Spain, UK, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Bulgaria- coordinated by University of Alcalá.  

Counterfog® technology, endorsed by the universities of Alcalá and Strathclyde and tested by CSIC, CIEMAT, the Czech Academy of Science, VVU among others; provides a powerful fog cone made of submicrometric droplets. Due to the nano-size and the penetrating ability of the cone, it fastly removes pollutants from air and surfaces.

The company

Counterfog EBT de la UAH, a spin-off company from Universidad de Alcalá, commercializes the Counterfog® technology for air decontamination. The company has a multidisiplinary team of engineers and scientists specialized in R&D and highly-complex technological solutions.

The company commercializes a range of portable devices for all types of applications: home, shops, offices, industry, etc. As well as large-scale decontamination systems and aerosol capture barriers.

Counterfog EBT de la UAH has been awarded with the white cross distinction of the National Police for turning an antiriot truck into a massive fast decontamination machine in April 2020 and the development of portable fast decontamination systems SDR05A+ that were provided for the BALMIS operation.

The company has cooperated with the Emergency Military Unit in the NATO Air Base of Torrejón to validate Counterfog® technology for the outdoor large-scale collapse of CBRN dust and aerosols.

A case of success

More than a hundred Counterfog® portable devices are operational in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala and Maurice Islands.

Counterfog test with IBERIA
Disinfection at police station with Counterfog
Disinfection at police station with Counterfog