What is Counterfog?

Counterfog® is a unique and patented technology for large-scale, rapid, and effective decontamination of air and surfaces in buildings, vehicles, infrastructures, facilities, etc. It decontaminates all types of biological, chemical, and radiological agents, as well as smoke, pollution, and dust. It is particularly useful against volatile agents, air pollutants and aerosols.

How does it work?

Counterfog® patented nozzles generate  dynamic swirling fog cones made of submicrometric liquid droplets. Their particular dynamics forces collisions with air-borne particulate matter and solve gases and vapours. Eventually, these droplets grow and collapse trapping  and removing all known types of pollutants.

The origin: FP7 Counterfog

Counterfog® is a unique technology, developed in the FP7 EU Research and Development program (nº 312804), for fast disinfection of bioaerosols and decontamination of chemical, biological and radiological agents, smoke, and dust.

The European Commission, concerned by the growing terrorist threats based on biological weapons (i.e. anthrax) urged European researchers to propose and develop new technologies that should be effective, fast, and easily adaptable to multiple situations where a toxic cloud may be released -irrespectively of its origin and characteristics.

Counterfog® was developed by a multidisciplinary team of 10 international institutions -Spain, UK, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Bulgaria- coordinated by University of Alcalá.  

Counterfog® technology, endorsed by the universities of Alcalá and Strathclyde and tested by CSIC, CIEMAT, the Czech Academy of Science, VVU among others; provides a powerful fog cone made of submicrometric droplets. Due to the nano-size and the penetrating ability of the cone, it fastly removes pollutants from air and surfaces.

Why does Counterfog actually work?

Due to two basic principles. First, the swirling fog projected by the Counterfog® nozzles exerts a suction force on the surrounding air so that contaminants are attracted towards the fog cone. Second, droplets progresively aggregate with the air-borne particulate matter and collapse.  Therefore volatile agents can be disinfected even if the mist is not directly projected upon it.

Why is Counterfog different?

Counterfog® completely differs from other disinfection systems.

Indeed, conventional spraying systems use water droplets, but these are too large to collide with the particulate matter or aerosols. They just push way the air with all the air-borne contaminants away. In other words, other systems disperse volatile contaminants instead of disinfecting them.

On the contrary, thanks to the swirling submicrometric droplets, very short applications of Counterfog® are enough to disinfect 99.99% of pathogens in all types of indoor or outdoor environments. It is the perfect tool to fight against aerosols and pollutants.

What special precautions should I take when using Counterfog?

Counterfog® technology gets the best from any liquid non-flammable biocide making them more effective and efficient. Therefore, protections and precautions associated to the biocide should be taken, like masks, gloves, protection clothes, eye protections etc.  Please refer to the user manuals and to the safety documents of the biocide.

Who markets this technology?

Counterfog® technology is exclusively manufactured and marketed by Counterfog EBT de la UAH SL. (Spain, EU), and its U.S. division, Counterfog Corp. Please consult us for distributors in other regions.

How do I learn how to use Counterfog?

Counterfog® is extremely easy to use and does not require any professional qualifications.

If you purchase our portable products you will receive the necessary manuals and datasheets, where instructions will be clearly indicated.  Manuals and data sheets are available in our webpage as well. In addition, numerous tutorials are available on our Youtube channel.

How can I buy Counterfog products?

Either through our online store or by contacting us.

In the latter case, either from our headquarters in Madrid Spain or from our headquarters in Irving, Texas.

Where can Counterfog be used?

Anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. It can be applied to disinfect any material selecting the adequate non flammable liquid biocide: furniture, computer or electronic equipment, office supplies, books, papers…

The suction effect is enough to remove any volatile agent that may be present and it is not necesary to directly apply it on artworks or delicated objects to ensure a safe sanitization and extraction of any resuspendable aerosol or virus.

Even when directly applied at a normal speed, the generated submicron water droplets are so tiny that the total amount of liquid used is extremely small, leaving virtually no residue and causing no moisture damage.  Please consult our experts which biocides and procedures are the best for your case.

Which disinfectant can be used with Counterfog?

A basic decontamination of air can be done using just potable water. This simple and environment friendly application of Counterfog® will remove efficently particulate matter and hydrophilic aerosols from air.

If you want additionally to quickly disinfect any biological agent you may use a non-flammable liquid biocide tested against the particular microorganism you wish to kill and compatible with the materials of the environment. We recommend using only liquid products authorized for the corresponding country (please consult manuals). Please, avoid flammable biocides.

Rest time after application recommended by the biocide manufacturer must be respected.

Which Counterfog product is right for me?

Generally speaking, Counterfog® portable devices are ideal if you have to disinfect several rooms or outdoor spaces because it can reach any difficult place or corner. It is an economical and highly effective solution.

Disinfection barriers are perfect for preventing contaminants from traveling through the air, entering a building or space to be protected or to quickly decontaminate people. Large-scale solutions are tailor-made to meet specific challenges: large spaces, or installation in vehicles, for example. Please contact us for a quotation or more information.

Counterfog technology
Cinema disinfection with Counterfog
Disinfecting art works with Counterfog Technology
Counterfog technology
Disinfecting art works with Counterfog Technology