Counterfog® Pilar


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Portable fast disinfection device. Fast, highly effective, easy to use.

Cleans Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Smoke & Dust pollution both from air and surfaces.

Counterfog® action reaches all intricated holes and spaces and kills the most resistant microorganisms. It can be used to sanitize, disinfect or sterilize facilities or vehicles in a few minutes.

Counterfog Pilar Technical data

  • Capacity: 3.9 liters
  • Electric supply: 110 - 240 V
  • Power: 1.5 Kw
  • Temperature range: 3ºC - 50º C
  • Weight: 34.5 kg
  • Liquid flow: 0.15 l/min.
  • Air cleaning rate: 0.025 m3/s
  • Surface direct disinfection: 1.8 m2/min
  • Rooms sanitization: 8 m2/min
  • Suitable for any non-flammable liquid (fluid groups 1 & 2)
  • Recommended distance of use: 30-40 cm


Counterfog® portable equipment for the neutralization of CBRN agents - volatile and respiratory- in facilities and vehicles.

Conventional physical cleaning and disinfection procedures like spraying or wiping tend to resuspend micron-sized particles and dust which escape disinfection. COUNTERFOG ® is the only technology that fights efficiently in the submicrometric range due to 2 key properties:  NANOMETRIC SIZE   and   DYNAMIC AGGREGATION.

DROPLET SIZE:  COUNTERFOG® droplets main size: 40 nanometers

DYNAMIC AGGREGATION: COUNTERFOG® cone provides unique aggregation dynamics that capture and collapse particulate matter, bioaerosols, etc.

Counterfog Pilar is specially designed for the neutralization of volatile and respiratory Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear agents in facilities, industries, hotels, hospitals, homes and vehicles.  In particular it is the ideal tool to fight air-borne and volatile pathogens like Anthrax, Tuberculosis or SARS-CoV virus.

It can be handled by a single person in a simple way. The level of microorganisms reduction will essentially depend on the biocide and application rate.

The patented Counterfog® technology is unique removing gases (like SO2), vapors, airborne particulate matter, fine and ultrafine aerosols, smoke and dust from air.

It is the fastest system to disinfect any space. It even disinfects the most hidden and intricate holes, places and surfaces. Additionally the amount of liquid biocide used is really scarce.  Unlike all other disinfection technologies the recovery time after application lasts just a few minutes. And it is completely environment-friendly. It can be applied on clothes as well.

It provides a film of liquid only a few tens of nanometers thick -just enough to kill microorganisms but with a minimal side-effects. Therefore, no subsequent drying is necessary, as it does not wet surfaces. Moreover, it is quite suitable for most delicate surfaces, such as electronic devices, documents, artworks, furniture, etc. Evenmore, its powerful suctioning air swirl draws any volatile pathogen from air. It does not damage objects, artworks or furniture. Please contact us for more details on application on artworks.