Counterfog SDR-F05A+


Portable rapid disinfection equipment. Thanks to the unique Counterfog technology, cleans chemical, biological, radiological, aerosol, smoke, and dust contamination from both air and surfaces.

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Counterfog SDR-F05A+ Technical data

  • Capacity: 12 liters
  • Electric supply: 240 V
  • Power: 1.5 Kw
  • Frequency variator
  • Temperature range: 3ºC - 70º C
  • Weight: 43.10 kg
  • Liquid flow: 0.10-0.65 l/min.
  • Air cleaning rate: 0.35 m3/s
  • Surface direct disinfection: 3.6 m2/min
  • Rooms sanitization: 15-30 m2/min
  • Suitable for any non-flammable liquids

The portable SDR-F05A+ is specially designed for the neutralization of volatile and respiratory CBRN agents in industrial facilities and vehicles.

It can be easily operated by one person.

Patented technology: it is unique in removing gases, vapors, particulate matter, fine aerosols, smoke and dust from the air.

It is the fastest system to disinfect any space. It even disinfects the most hidden places and surfaces.

Thanks to its special technology, no subsequent drying is necessary, because it does not wet the surfaces. It is therefore suitable for any delicate surface, such as electronic devices, documents, works of art, valuable furniture...